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What is the price of shipping?

In today's world where everything comes with a price, we wanted to make it easier for you to enjoy the outdoors without having to concern yourself with yet another cost, which is the price of shipping. This is why we've come to the decision to use Amazon's fullfillment services. Through Amazon's fullfillment services, standard 3-5 day shipping comes at no cost to you. Simply meaning.. Shipping is free! 

What is meant by Amazon's fullfillment services?

When we say we're using Amazon's fullfillment services (otherwise known as FBA) we mean, shipping and handling of our product inventory is dealt by Amazon's warehouse. We send them our product inventory and everytime an order is placed, Amazon gets your order straight into your hands. 

Are all products fullfilled by Amazon?

Most of our products are fullfilled by Amazon unless otherwise stated.

Does that mean that the products that aren't fullfilled by Amazon have shipping costs?

Fortunately for you, even for the items that aren't fullfiled by Amazon, still have no shipping costs attached to it! 

What if I wanted to return an item? Do I need to send it to you?

Unfortunately for us, using Amazon's fullfillment services does not include them handling returns and customer service. If you have need to return an item, you're going to have return them directly to our warehouse. 

What is your return policy?

The full details of our return policy can be found here.