5 Reason To Go Solo Camping

While we can't deny the experience of camping outdoors with friends and family, there's alot be said about the benefits of camping solo:

1. Create Your Own Experience
Camping with others can truly be a joyous experience, but camping on your own can truly be a rewarding one. By camping by yourself, you create your own agenda. You go where you want, you sleep where you want, do what you want, and you eat what you want (for some that alone is reason enough to solo camp). When you camp solo, you're dictating how you want you want your trip on your terms without the influence of others. To that extent, you create an experience that is all together your own. 

2. Builds Confidence
When you camp solo, everything is done by your resolve. When you camp with others, its easy to pass off responsbilities or challenges to someone you may feel is more suited for the task. Take on the small trials and trivilzations for the day with noone or nothing but your own to hands, you'll go to sleep night with a feeling of accomplishment. 

3. Fully Immerse Yourself
For many of us, we camp and we travel to escape the influence of the modern the world; the chatter, the lights, the incessant gossip of the people around us. While it is nice to have friends who share those save motivations to go camping, sometimes them, theirselves can become the distraction we try to escape from. When you camp solo, you take in the experience of the outdoors for what it is truly mean to be. A moment of silence and where nothing exists but a calm mind and the space between you and nature. 

4. Meet Other Fellow Campers
While this might seem contrary to popular logic, being alone could actually make you more social. By being alone, you don't rely on others when it comes to socializing with other groups. Place that idea in the context of camping, when you see other fellow campers, you're more inclined to interact with them. This gives you a chance to meet other like - minded individuals. 

5. Convenience
As much fun as it can be having a camping trip with friends/family, they can get in the way. With all the hassle that comes with accommodating everyone's preferences and coordinating schedules, more often than not, group camping proves to be a difficult task. When you camp solo, you don't have to do any of that. You simply set a side time in your schedule, point your finger to a destination, and walk out the door. 

October 04, 2018 — Gas One

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